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Why ode to peace app?

One Diverse Earth
ne Delicate Ecosystem
One Decillion Embrace

ode to peace app aims to foster a sustainability culture and to inspire millions of people to leap (learn, engage, act, participate) and embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

ode to peace is more than a game, it is a purposeful platform to inspire, build & foster communities to be actively involved with sustainability.

Every individual counts.

The images in the app use the 17 colors of UN SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) to create meaningful and impactful art that raise awareness about SDGs and their associated issues. Additionally, the use of the specific SDG colors in the art pieces are created to visually communicate the interconnectedness of the SDG goals and the interdependence of our actions on achieving them.

Do you know that the icon of the ode to peace app shows our commitment to 3 SDG goals.

SDG #10 - Reduce Inequalities
SDG #3 - Good Health & Well Being &
SDG #13 - Climate Action

ODE News

Take a look at the 2nd image of the map in
ode to peace app. Here we introduce the 17 UN SDGs colors & their associated SDG goals, as well as the game items of the app with their respective SDG goals.

2 ODE icons Colors Explain

Warning: The app is addictively fun! ode to peace app received overwhelmingly positive reviews from players from 4 to 80 years old.

Do check out the ode to peace app!

Sustainability at its coolest!

Have fun!

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